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Roasting lines

This equipment presents technologically connected line for coffee processing made upon project based on the available space and demand of the buyer.

The technological line for coffee processing consists of:

  1. Storage of raw coffee
  2. Transporting the raw coffee to the roaster, with the possibility to dosage different kinds of coffee
  3. Roasting the coffee
  4. Special chamber for peel
  5. Cooling of the roasted coffee
  6. Vacuum cleaning of the coffee from hard objects
  7. Transporting the roasted coffee to the silos
  8. Roasted coffee silos
  9. Transporting the roasted coffee from silos to grinder
  10. Grinding the coffee to extra fine quality
  11. Storing the coffee in containers on wheels
  12. Transporting the grinded coffee from the containers to the packing machine



Roaster with circulation of hot air

This type of roasters has implemented the latest technical achievements in the world in this area of business, which together with the policy for high quality of the BORO products, make them worthy competition to other world famous manufacturers for industrial coffee processing. Specific about this type of roasters is the way of roasting, which is done by indirect worming and circulation of hot air which enables:

  • Fast roasting of the coffee because its intensive hot air exposure
  • Equal roasting degree of the coffee
  • Extra volume of the coffee
  • Intensive aroma of the coffee






Type BK – 60 BK – 120 BK – 180 BK – 240
Capacity / h 240 kg 480 kg 720 kg 960 kg
Capacity of one load 60 kg 120 kg 180 kg 240 kg
Roasting 1 load 15-20 min 15-20 min 15-20 min 15-20 min
Cooling 1 load 3 – 5 min 3 – 5 min 3 – 5 min 3 – 5 min
Fuel propane butane
earth gas, oil
propane butane
earth gas, oil
propane butane
earth gas, oil
propane butane
earth gas, oil

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